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  • Are all the paintings original?
    Yes! Every work on this site is a one off, there are no prints made and each piece is the only version that exists. Once it is on your wall, there will be no doubt about ever seeing it anywhere else.
  • How do I straighten out rolled up, unframed paintings?"
    The best way is to lay it out on a clean, dry, flat surface. Place some heavy books on top and leave it for a day or two. It will be perfectly flat and ready for framing. Often the framers will sort this out for you, so let them know that you have a rolled up painting and they will usually flatten it for you after you drop it off for framing.
  • How affordable are your paintings?
    They are extremely good value. Dave is becoming more and more sought after as a collectable artist, and yet at this stage his prices are very reasonable. In fact, they are comparable with the prices of most photographic prints! Considering a photograph or print can be copied endlessly - and many of them do appear, duplicated yet again, all over the world - an original, one of a kind painting is way better value, and infinitely more special!
  • Is watercolour permanent?
    Yes. The modern pigments are extremely lightfast, and Dave uses only the most permanent and archival pigments, and only the highest quality - Winsor and Newton. The same applies to his choice of paper; almost exclusively Arches 100% cotton rag. Both of these companies have literally been in business for centuries - in the case of Arches, over 500 years!!! The pigments are rated to last at least 100 years, and placed correctly will last considerably longer. We advise you not to hang work in direct sunlight, as this can potentially cause slight fading over the years.
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