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The North Coast presents mostly as green, rolling hills, with odd pockets of trees amid vast pastures, and plantations of bananas, macadamias, coffee and sugar cane. It is almost park-like, but that is the dubious legacy of the European arrival. Ninety five percent of the original forest is gone, but if you head west a little way, you can occasionally get a feeling for how it used to be: lush cedar and hardwood rainforests teeming with vines, epiphytes, palms and ferns. What a paradise that must have been.


(Watercolour on Arches 300gm archival cotton rag paper. Unframed paintings will be shipped rolled inside a tough cardboard tube. Framed paintings will be couriered, bubble wrapped inside a securely packed cardboard box.)


Bird's Nest Fern 30cm x 40cm

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